Junior Sailing 2023



Spring Training 2023

KYC’s Spring Race team gives competitive sailors a chance to train before the start of the busy summer season, with weekly sessions running through May and June.

Other important info:

  • The water is colder than usual in May/June and sailors should bring weather appropriate gear (i.e. wetsuit, warm hat, sailing gloves, sailing boots/shoes, warm change of clothes)


2023 Sessions
Start Finish Code Status Add to Cart
MONDAY Session, 4:30pm - 7:30pmMay 8 June 23 SPRINGT1 In Progress
WEDNESDAY Session, 4:30pm - 7:30pmMay 10 June 23 SPRINGT2 Spaces Available

Membership Credit Book:
Full Family members will receive a credit book equal to 15% of paid program fees, which can be used for Food & Beverage, Regalia, and Gas Dock purchases. This replaces the previous membership discount.